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Welcome to The main purpose of the site is to provide all kinds of free statistics help resources, in the form of online calculators, graph makers, handouts, tutorials, guides and solved statistics problems.

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Our site provides a number of online resources, mainly aimed at college students taking basic statistics classes. For this kind of students the normal distribution and the t-distribution will be at the center stage.

And that is why we provide our normal calculators and confidence interval calculators, for both the z-distribution and t-distribution.

Feel free to use all the resources in website that could be of use for you. The resources in this website are intended for you to get some practice for statistics tests or homework, or just some statistical curiosity.

We add content on Statistics topics on a weekly basis. Check out our latest discussions about some examples of combinatorial identities and probability statements.

Naturally, students likely will not find here a replacement for what they can get with a tutor/helper working with them one to one. But we have lots of resources that can get you started. Should you have any questions, you can always reach us at [email protected]

Statistics Answers

One of the most frequently requested tool is the access to statistics answers. For that reason, our members have worked hard to put out a relatively short list of sample statistics problems, but which are very representative of what you will find on your stats tests or homework, so then it could prove useful to start with those. For that you can check the link below.

We are always trying to improve our stats apps, so we are more than happy to receive suggestions. In fact suggestion are what can make this site better, for the whole community.

Solved Statistics Problems - Practice Exercises

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Statistics Tutors

Many of the members of our community are tutors, so we are working on a way to get community members connected. One way we are thinking about is to start a Stats forum, which is likely come to fruition very soon.

Do not miss our new guide on how to study for your Stats exam or midterm. Find tips and strategies to succeed in your examinations! Also see the differences between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics with some examples.

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