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When the time of the Stats exams come, there is only one thing more precious than gold, and that is a statistical study guide. Especially those that come with juicy step-by-step solutions, that come to clarity all your doubts.

Universal constants like gravity or Plank's constant are pretty constant, but another constant thing that exist is that you WILL learn if you get a hold a sample problems that contain detailed solutions. The devil is in the details they say.

How many times you have been studying the book, the notes and you go over and over some concepts and you are just simply not clear on how to apply them, but then you see a solved problem and the light bulb gets shinny? "Of course", you say. "That's how it is done".

statistical study guide

Get your stats guide now

So, after my dramatic and emphatic argument about why you need a stats study guide with solved sample problems, I am sure that I convinced you. So now you will go out to get it. Where, though? There are some options and we will discuss them.

To start with, there is always someone around who has solved problems and is willing to share. Ask who is that person. Someone may know. Still, you could be THAT case where no one around have them, so what to do?

Ask your T.A. or instructor where to get some. They may point out to the textbook, but unless you have the solutions manual, the textbook won't be what you need now. The stats class textbook has its use, but for now, we are looking for detailed solutions to sample problems.

If you are lucky, your instructor will provide you with some, as large majority of them are willing to write preparation material (TIP: Instructors do care about keeping their job, and their job to a certain point depend on students' evaluations of instructors)

statistics study guides

No luck yet...How do I get my study guide?

So far nothing has worked? Well, there is one way: hire a stats tutor and get a list of problems solved, with all details shown. You don't have money? Get with other students looking for the same and split the cost.

Make sure you hire a stats tutor who is able to show all the details of the solutions. For the purpose of using this as study material, it is no good to get answers only. Getting detailed solutions may be more expensive, but if you split the cost among several students, there won't be a problem.

There still one potential problem: What if you get those detailed solutions, and you still do not understand a word of them? Then in that case, probably you should hire a stats tutor to actually explain you the material from the beginning.

The main idea of using a detailed study guide is to fill up the gaps, not to build everything from the bottom. If you really need to start from zero, this plan probably won't work for you


  1. Using a stats study guide detailed solutions can be a GREAT way of preparing for a stat test
  2. It is way of FILL UP the gaps, not to start from scratch . If you are that lost, get a tutor and start catching up first
  3. Try with your T.A. or lecturer first. They will help if you ask, but there are cases and cases.
  4. Ultimately, you can hire a tutor to prepare a list of step-by-step solutions for you

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