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There are many reasons why you need to find someone to teach you Stats. One of the most common reasons I have seen among my students is that they want to prepare for their Stats class with lots of anticipation, and they start working on preparations with plenty of time, even before the class starts.

Students in college are usually under lots of stress, as they have to carry lots of expectations. Some of their own expectations and what is usually harder to deal with, expectations from others, like for examples, from parents.

There a concrete objectives. Some students are need to a have a flawless, ideally-above-4.0-GPA to apply to pre-med programs or other very competitive spots, where a sharp 4.0 does not necessarily cut it anymore.

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Will you choose a statistics teacher online?

In more normal times, it was perhaps one of the biggest questions to whether choose an online stats teacher, or try some find someone from campus, or from somewhere close by. Now with the whole world affected by the covid-19 pandemic, the online option is taking clear advantage.

Many have already learned how to find tutors who teach statistics online. This may not be as easy as it seems, because you want to find a reputable, trustable, and most importantly, dependable.

But now that the pandemic has forced some students to take the online route (route that they haven't taken before), things get a bit more complicated.

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Will a Stats teacher help you learn statistics easily?

It depends really, but I can tell you one thing: if you start early enough and you devote consistent effort working with a stats tutor, your chances are excellent to ace your class.

Things could get more difficult when you get started too late, because then other factors kick in.

Indeed, when leaving this for the last minute, there is a crucial factor that kicks in: ANXIETY. Anxiety can really kill your performance. When you are under pressure to get outstanding grades, the LAST thing you will want to is to anxious, because I can guarantee it will affect your performance.

But if you start early, there will time to identify the weaknesses in your understanding and you will be able to PRACTICE long enough so you gain a large degree of CONFIDENCE, which is what you need when you take a test.

Students do not really believe this, but confidence is a strong factor in your performance.

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Honestly, finding material yourself to practice and learn may be a good idea, but you may end up realizing that you need help from a tutor. And if that is the case, I strongly suggest that you do it as soon as possible.

In this case, this is like those motivational lines "try things and fail quick" so that you understand what you did wrong and correct your mistakes. That is great advice. Try finding statistics resources and doing the learning on your own.

Make sure that you quickly assess whether or not you will need a little extra hand. The quicker you start, the better your chances to ace your class, and to get that 4.5 that you need to get accepted at your dream program.

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