My Challenges with Math and Stats

I am a person who has worked at learning math since I was little. I always fell somewhere between the 40th and 60th percentile in math. However, since I have started college, I realize I am required to perform at a level in math that is above anything I have tried or succeeded at before.

I don't want to have to enlist help to do my math homework, but oftentimes I really have no choice. I have been struggling with math, and especially stats, for some time now, to no avail.

I am almost at the point of failing several of my classes which I need to graduate, despite the fact that I am majoring in history and don't really think I'll need too much math, or will be doing too much stats in my future jobs.

For one thing, I am simply not good at it, so it wouldn't make sense for me to stake my future income holdings on a subject which has always been among my worst. I really need to concentrate on things that are going to be useful for me in the long run, and although I can appreciate the use of math and the beauty of solving math equations by hand, the utility and simplicity of math symbols, I really can't take the time to become an expert at math, partially because I know I won't succeed.

I Sought out a Math and Statistics Tutor

For these reasons, I have started to look for someone to do my math homework. I am currently also taking a stats class, and so I have looked for someone to do my stats homework as well. I really need help with all things related to number crunching.

For example, I have been looking for someone to help me solve quadratic equations, to conduct one and two tailed t tests, chi squared tests, and multiple regression analysis.

These are all topics that I am covering in my basic statistics class. Previously, I tool college algebra, and I needed help for things like functions, quadratic functions, understanding linear equations, understanding growth and decay, those sorts of things.

Well, I did find help. In fact, the same person who I found to help me with my math homework also does my stats homework with me. I haven't actually asked this person to do my stats homework for me, which is a subtle difference, but nevertheless this person sits with me when I am working and gives me tips and tools and guidance very step of the way.

Statistics Class

Math and Stats Tutor Improved my Grades

Since I have been using help with my math and stats homework, I have not really experienced the problems or anxiety that I used to experience when I was all alone doing my work. I haven't felt like learning math is impossible.

I haven't felt like trying to learn stats is something unnatural to me. I actually have begun to feel competent at math.

This indicates to me that maybe if I had had a teacher or tutor giving me personal assistance with my math homework, and personal assistance with my stats homework, from day one when I was really in the first or second grade, maybe by today I would have become a math expert, someone who can excel at physics or some other math-intensive discipline.

Since I did't, however, for now, I am happy simply to pass my classes and to not feel so much stress. This is my little story about how finding someone to do my stats homework and my math homework with me has changed my life for the better and made me a much better student.

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