Why Doing Statistics Homework is Still Relevant Today

The Relevance of Statistics Homework

The field of Statistics grew out of the postulates of probability, or the attempt to categorize and predict the occurrence of random events. However, Statistics is a formal field that deals both with probability and with the occurrence of an event within a population, or large group.

The group may be televisions viewers or individuals with a certain disease, but statistics is the modern concise way of describing individuals and the events that affect them.

This field of mathematics is complex and relies upon the use of many different formulae that relate to different types of problems. The student is assured of many hours of statistics homework to learn the many types of formulas and which once is appropriate to use in a particular condition.

Then the real statistics homework begins which seeks to make the user familiar with the formulae by repetitive manipulations using each of the many formulae.

Stats Homework

Applicability in Today's World

There are several forms of the field of statistics that are applicable to every day life and are used in many forms of business.

Probability is sometime employed by gamblers but more often in the field of risk assessment. Risk assessment is used by insurance companies and underwriters to determine the probability that a certain event, such as death from smoking, will occur within a population such as smokers versus non-smokers.

Once the risk is calculated, and the result that the risk is significantly higher in the smoker's category, the insurance underwriter will ascribe a higher rate for the life insurance premium to the individual who smokes.

A lower cost premium will be given to the non-smoking individual; especially after more statistical analyses are done that show that non smokers often have a lower risk of setting a home fire than smokers. This lower probability of related risk will further benefit the non-smoker with a lower insurance premium.

Another field of statistics that is related to probability is that of descriptive statistics. This field attempts to describe the occurrence of events within a large population and thereby to describe the population itself.

The statistics homework employed in this study is copious and centered on the concept of the distinct variable, which is a singly occurring trait and the absolute frequency with which it occurs within the group.

The absolute frequency describes the number of times a data point or event falls within a data field. You can see that there are many distinct definitions of terms that will occupy a large part of statistics homework.


The student can generally learn the terms and the formulae parts of statistics homework by his or herself without much trouble. But to get a feeling for the application and uses of many statistical tests, a formal course is usually required.

In addition to a course, it may be helpful to get additional help with statistics homework. Most schools have a mathematics lab wherein eager math majors are on hand to take the pain and confusion out of statistics homework.

Remember that statistics homework is relevant to mastering the topic and becoming more and more important in finding a good job.

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