The Inclusion of Statistics as a Required Subject

These days, one of the most popular searches on the internet is for statistics homework help services. The popularity of this term is due to the fact that statistics has become a ubiquitous requirement for virtually all college degree programs including those for majors that have little or nothing to do with statistics or math.

The rationale for inclusion of statistics in the standard university curriculum, usually as part of the general education requirement, has to do with the importance of statistical reasoning and logical reasoning to high-level societal functioning rather than with the direct applications of statistical techniques. Statistics is not necessary to succeed occupationally, but has is currently perceived by college and curriculum administrators as important for developing an informed citizenry capable of making well thought out decisions. This is why nearly all university majors require some form of statistics as one of their required courses.

Statistics Class

The difficulty of statistics for most people is underscored by the fact that statistics and math are commonly cited by students as the most difficult classes to pass, and as reasons for failing to finish a degree program. A similar scenario can be seen with high school students in the United States who currently must pass the math requirement of the Common Core curriculum in order to earn their high school diploma.

The Learning and Emotional Sides to Stats

While math and statistics are strongly emphasized in the educational curriculum in many countries that perform especially well on standardized tests, such as Singapore, Japan, and Korea, students in many Anglophone and other Western countries struggle with math from their early years, partly because of the way math is introduced and taught. In Western countries, being good at stats and at math is often associated with the cultural archetype of the geek, nerd, or exceptionally smart person.

This leaves a construction of identity including excelling at math and statistics off the table for a majority of people who think that being good at mathematical requires a higher level of intelligence than they possess, and therefore they decide that feeling comfortable at these subjects is simply unavailable to them. Especially notable is the emotional repulsion that many people feel at the imposition of having to do math.

Statistics Homework Help

However, upon the realization of that statistics and other math courses, such as algebra, are inescapable, those who struggle with mathematical reasoning typically seek out statistics help services, often for help with statistics homework or for general tutoring.

What To Do Then?

Statistics homework help services provide students with a wide range of help beyond that related specifically to homework. While getting help with homework generally forms the initial motivation that drives students to seek help with statistics, the result of the student-tutor relationship often has repercussions far beyond the mere homework and in a very positive way. This is because one of the major obstacles of doing well at statistics and math for many people is simply the feeling of isolation when one is not getting things right. And when a person enlists the help of a more skilled helper, some of that isolation disappears.

Isolation is one of the strongest causes of stress, and stress impedes logical thinking and reasoning from flowing. When a student no longer feels alone and expects the work to be insurmountable, the parts of the brain responsible for making connections can activate, allowing the student to learn more than he or she ever thought was possible.

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